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Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

Short Story

Diposting oleh Agus 'Kojiro' Yoga


Alphonse was a senior high school student in Small Ville City. His parents were divorced when he was 10 years old. At that time he decided to live with his father because he thought if he lived with his father, he would get a happier life than lived with his mother. But now, he realized that he had chosen a wrong option. His father, Edward, worked as a cobbler. But, Edward was a compulsive gambler, so he squandered all his money in gambling. Edward ordered Alphonse to take a part time job in order to fulfill their daily needs and paid Alphonse’s school tuition.

Alphonse worked as a dishwasher in a small restaurant near his house. He usually worked after school until night. In Sunday, he worked in the morning until afternoon. Alphonse has a close friend in that restaurant, named Romeo. In the restaurant, Romeo worked as a waiter.

In school, Alphonse was a stupid student. He was seldom to studies because he was too busy with his part time job. Also, he usually scolded by his teachers because sometimes he forgot to do his homework.

Alphonse was falling in love with a girl in his class, named Winry. Winry was very beautiful and cute. She was the smartest student in the class. She always got perfect scores in every exam. But, that’s not made her arrogant. Winry was very kind and always shared her knowledge with her friends, including Alphonse. Her kindness and gentleness made Alphonse loves her very much.

One night, Alphonse walked home after worked in restaurant. He brought a fried chicken and a bottle of orange juice which given by his boss in restaurant. The restaurant boss usually gave Alphonse some extra food because he always worked hard. When Alphonse arrived in a bridge, he stopped for a while to rest and refreshed his mind. Alphonse felt very tired. Then he looked at down of the bridge and found a little dog played with its friend near the side of the river. They looked very happy and energetic. Alphonse felt he has gained some spirit when he looked at those dogs. Then Alphonse was smiling while he pinched a small piece of the fried chicken and threw it to those little dogs. Those two little dogs ate the chicken immediately. After that, Alphonse was carry on walked to his house with a smile in his face.

When he was arrived in his house, Alphonse gave the foods to his father, Edward. But, Edward was being mad because the fried chicken was not complete anymore. Alphonse told that he gave a small piece of the chicken to little dogs under the bridge, but Edward didn’t believe his words. Edward guessed his son ate the chicken.

“Call a spade a spade you little liar..! I know you were eating my chicken while you walked home!” said Edward

Suddenly, Edward threw the chicken into Alphonse’s face. Then, Edward slammed the front door and left the house. Edward went to gamble in his friend’s house that night.

Alphonse was very sad. He entered his room and looked outside through his window. He remembered the little dogs under the bridge, played all day without cared any problems. At that time, there was a shooting star. Alphonse made a wish immediately.

“I hope my life is sweet and free as a little dog, so I will never work as a dishwasher again, never do my homework again, and never scolded by my father or my teacher again”, said Alphonse.

After that, Alphonse sat in front of his desk. He took some books and tried to study. But, Alphonse was very tired and sleepy to read those books. His eyes were started to closed. 10 minutes later, he fell asleep in front of his desk.

In the morning, the bright sunshine entered through the window and woke Alphonse up. Alphonse realized that he forgot to close the window last night. Still in sleepy condition, he tried to reach his window and closed it. But, that day, the window was higher and bigger than usual. Realized something weird, Alphonse looked all-around of his room. Alphonse found that all the things in his room were bigger than usual. Then he looked at his body, and he was very surprised! Now he realized all the thing’s sizes in his room were not changes. The only one thing that changes was his body. Alphonse was turn into a little dog!

Alphonse was turn into a brown little dog. Alphonse yelled to call his father, but he couldn’t speak anymore. The only thing he can do was barking. He barked loudly in his room. Disturbed by the noise, Edward came inside Alphonse’s room.

“Damn! Whose dog is it? It makes a loud noise although its body is small. Hey Alphonse! Where are you? Come here! You must kick this dog out of our house! Its bark makes me crazy!” Said Edward

Edward didn’t know that little dog was his son. He looked all-around the house to find Alphonse. In the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the backyard, but he still couldn’t find Alphonse. Suddenly he took a shovel in the backyard and came to Alphonse. Edward tried to hit Alphonse with a shovel. Realized he was in a danger, Alphonse ran away from the house. He ran as fast as he could into the front door, but Edward was chasing him while he still tried to hit Alphonse with a shovel. Fortunately, Alphonse could escape to the outside of the house. But, suddenly Edward threw the shovel and hit Alphonse’s tail.

“Hahaha… Eat that you ugly dog!” said Edward.

Alphonse still ran away. He stopped on the bridge where he saw two little dogs last night. He rested on that bridge and thought what’s happened with him. He remembered that he made a wish while there was a shooting star last night. He wished his life would be same as a little dog. But he didn’t expect to change into a little dog.

“Damn, what should I do?” Alphonse asked himself.

While he was thinking, Alphonse felt his tail was hurt. It was bleeding caused of his father’s shovel. Besides that, he felt hungry. Alphonse didn’t eat anything from the last night. That day was Sunday, and in Sunday, Alphonse should be worked in restaurant from the morning. But that time he couldn’t work because he was in a dog form. Alphonse got an idea. He decided to goes to the restaurant and would steal some foods. Also, He hoped his friend, Romeo, could help him.

When Alphonse arrived at the restaurant, he sneaked to the backdoor. Unlucky for Alphonse, the door was closed. He jumped and tried to reach the door knob, but he couldn’t reach it. Alphonse got an idea. He scratched the door and barked loudly. He hoped someone could hear the noise and would open the door. Suddenly, an old man opened the door. Alphonse looked the old man’s face and he felt he know him. That old man is Marco, the restaurant owner.

“Damn you little dog..! Shut up! I am busy with those customers. Your stupid noise and crazy bark disturb my concentration! Hey Romeo, come here!” said Marco.

“What’s wrong boss?” Romeo asked.

“Please get this dog out of here. Its bark makes me sick. Be quick, or you will be fired!” Marco answered.

“All right boss. Give me 1 minute.” said Romeo.

Romeo took a bucket and then he went to the restaurant’s kitchen. He filled the bucket with some hot water. Suddenly, he poured the hot water in to Alphonse. Alphonse surprised and then he ran away.

“I am sorry little dog. Actually, I didn’t want to pour you with some hot water. My boss forced me to do that or I will be fired.” Romeo said.

Alphonse ran away without knew the direction. He ran away as far as he can. Suddenly, he arrived in front of a bus stop. He stopped at there and then he sat quietly, musing on the events of that day. He was very sad because his father, his boss and his best friend don’t care about him anymore. Also, he was tired, hungry, and injury. His wound got worse caused by the hot water. Alphonse wanted his life back. He didn’t want to be a little dog anymore. Suddenly, he was lying unconscious near the bus stop.

In the evening, rain fell from the sky and made Alphonse awake. With his remaining energy, Alphonse went to the under of a tree in order to covered his body from the rain. Alphonse felt very cold. He felt surrounding of his body trembling. Suddenly, a girl looked at him.

“Ooh… What a poor little dog.” that girl said.

Alphonse knew that girl voice! When that girl took and wiped Alphonse’s body by her handkerchief, Alphonse looked at that girl’s face. Alphonse knew that girl. It was his dream girl, Winry!

Winry took Alphonse in to her house. He gave Alphonse a plate of meat and a bowl of warm milk. Also, she bandaged Alphonse’s wound. Alphonse was very happy because at least, there was someone who still cared about him. That evening, he wasted his time to plays with his dream girl, Winry.

At the night, Alphonse looked through Winry’s room window. He still hoped there would be a shooting star although that night was rainy. Alphonse wanted to make a wish once again and turned his life to normal again. He still waiting until midnight, but there was no shooting star. Suddenly, his eyes were start to closed, and then, he fell asleep.

A few moments later, Alphonse woke up. He woke up in his room, exactly in front of his desk. He looked the clock and it is 3am. Alphonse looked at his body, and he has changed into a human again. Then he looked the book on the desk and his room’s window was not closed. The situation was same as the night before he turned into a little dog.

“Am I returning to the past? That’s impossible… But wait, now I know what happened. That was a dream! I was turning into a little dog just a dream! Oowh… Thanks God.” said Alphonse.

Then Alphonse closed his room window and went to the bed. From that dream, he had learned that although his life was full of problems and obstacles, but he must always be grateful for his life. He promised to study and work harder to changes his life into a better one.


By: Widhi Yoga Nugraha (1012021058)